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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Igniv really free?

Yes. We decided it was time to turn the property market upside down. It's 2021 and we're still paying thousands in fees and commissions to middlemen who, let's face it, take a couple of photos and list our properties on Rightmove or Zoopla!  We want to start our own marketplace with free access to everybody.

How do you make money?

One of the benefits of using Igniv is your access to our partner network. From mortgages and insurance deals to solicitors and removal firms, we try to offer you relevant benefits at the time you need them. These firms pay us to advertise their offers to you and this makes up the majority of our income. We also make a profit on providing For Sale and For Rent boards, if you choose this service, as well as providing landlords with affordability reports on tenants.

Are you the same as Purple Bricks?

No. Purple Bricks is an Estate Agent. They charge a non-refundable fee of between £999 and £1,499 to list with them. We are the ONLY free service in the UK. We do not charge any fees or commission whatsoever to list with us.

Where do you advertise?

As well as on our mobile app and web site, Igniv properties are advertised on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location.

Is Igniv only available in the UK?

Our home is London, UK. but we have plans !

Where can I find advice?

Our blog is regularly updated with advice and tips on all aspects of how to sell or rent out your home without using an Estate Agent and how to spot reliable Professionals like Surveyors & Solicitors. 


How do I know how much my house is worth without an estate agent?

We know that most home-owners already have a pretty accurate idea of what their property is worth but to help answer this question our app provides you with details of recent house price sales in your neighbourhood. From this you can compare your property and understand it's value better. Start high and if you don't get offers, experiment by gradually lowering the price until you do.

Can I list my home just in case I receive a crazy offer?

Of course! They say everything is for sale, at the right price. So why not list your property for your dream price and sit back and wait to see if you ever get an offer? With Igniv, you are in control and it doesn't cost you a penny to list, so why not?

What about floor plans?

We have a database of floor plans for the most popular home designs in the UK and for many new build developments. If you need to adjust those or create new plans, our floor-plan software within the Igniv App produces one simply by tracking you pace the room with your phone!

What about safety?

Before booking a viewing, using the same system as AirBnB, Igniv asks prospective buyers for a government ID and confirms their legal name and address. This information helps us keep Igniv secure, fight fraud, and more. We take privacy seriously and never share the details of identification with anybody outside of this process per our privacy policy.

Where can I get advice on how to sell my own home?

Estate Agents have done a good job convincing us that we need to pay them thousands of pounds to sell our homes for us.  The truth is we don't need a stranger to walk around our home pretending they're the expert on it. You know your home better than anybody and to help, Igniv has a blog packed full of advice and tips. We have all the tools we need in our smartphones to bring our homes alive in a listing.

What is the Igniv Tenant Passport?

The Igniv Tenant Passport was designed to give you the reassurance you need that the tenants you let your property to can afford your rent and are likely to pay you when it is due and keep your property in good shape. Our comprehensive reports include; credit checks, employment, salary and right to reside in the UK.

Who pays for the Igniv Tenant Passport?

This is flexible. Some landlords feel this is a good investment and cover the costs whilst others ask tenants to pay. If you like the cost can be borne equally by both parties.

Can I store my property on Igniv for the next time I need to find tenants?

Of course! Our property profiles can be taken offline as soon as you have let the property. When you next need to find tenants you simply select to make your profile visible again and it will be included in our listings once more.

What other services does Igniv provide?

Enter your answer here. Be thoughtful, write clearly and concisely, and consider adding written as well as visual examples. Go over what you’ve written to make sure that if it was the first time you were visiting the site, you’d understand your answer.

What are Igniv Tenant Landlord Ratings?

We want to make it easier to find trustworthy tenants for landlords and vice versa. The majority of the population in the UK will soon be lifetime renters so competiton for the best landlords and tenants will grow.


By regularly rating eachother, it will soon become easier to spot tenants and landlords with good reputations and hep those with poor reviews to improve.


What are the differences buying or renting a property through Igniv and an Estate Agent?

As the property listings on Igniv are put together by their owners you will notice immediately that they provide far more information about the property and the neighbourhood its in than an Estate Agent would. We do not limit the number of photographs or videos each listing can have.

All previously asked questions and answers about a property are included in the listing.

You will also find it easier to book a viewing of a property because you only need to find a time convenient with the owner and not an Estate Agent who has many customers and properties to deal with as well as the one you're interested in.

During the viewing itself, you will be dealing with the owner, who has more knowledge about the property than any Estate Agent could ever have.

We will ask you to verify your identity before viewing a property. This is done by the same automated process as used by AirBnB and the property owner will also have had their identity verfied. We do not share details of your identity with either of you, or anybody else outside of Igniv, per our privacy policy.

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